Thinking Outside the Box

Moving past Instagram to share thoughts on food joy and food philosophy

Calvin PLAY

On Sep 26, 2016, my son Calvin was 13 months old, and we’d put purees behind and were on to first solids.

I opened an Instagram account to create a visual record of the meals I make, the things my son Calvin likes and dislikes, the phases we’d experience, and observations about eating. I sought to capture the details in a visual reference library, and I’ve gone back in my own feed time and time again to dig up something that was popular that I could throw together in a pinch.

Over the last two years, I’ve faithfully documented most of our meals. I’ve found a small community of supportive parents and friends through those images, connecting with so many and finding inspiration every day. I’ve greatly expanded my culinary boundaries, and those of my son as well.

I didn’t have a clear focus with food when Calvin was born, but I knew that sharing my own joy for food was essential to pass on. As he has grown, so to have my techniques, tips, tricks, recipes, frustrations and philosophies, as well as my pantry and patience.

Here, I’ll move past the little squares of my Insta feed and make my best attempt at capturing the ever-changing world of cultivating joy of food with my family from the eyes of a working Dad.

Author: Lou

Toddler Dad | Home Cook

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