Yumbox LunchboxWhat kind of lunchbox/bento box do you use?

I use a Yumbox. I use the Original version for lunches and the MiniSnack for an afternoon snack.

The box is divided into several leak-proof compartments, so there’s no food spillover.

The clear plastic insert is removable; I have two and rotate them throughout the week. They’re simple to wash and are very sturdy.

Does he really eat all of that?


Some days there are a few bites left, and he’ll finish it in the car on the way home if we offer. Some days he shuns whole sections.

He always eats something. Most days he eats everything. But he gets exposure to everything regardless.

Why do you cut things up so small?

I’ve always cut things up because while Calvin can use a fork reasonably well, he often defaults to his hands. At daycare, with a limited time to eat, I would rather the nutrition make it in, and it’s simply easier for a fork or your hands when things are already bite-sized.

Does your daycare heat things up / Does he eat all of this cold?

Daycare doesn’t heat anything up. They will provide a thermos if you bring one, but I don’t.

I always test everything in the lunchbox for how it is cold. If something is awful, I won’t put it in.

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